Supplies You Can Stock Up On Early In Your Kitchen Remodel

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Supplies You Can Stock Up On Early In Your Kitchen Remodel

24 July 2023
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The process of remodeling a kitchen can be long and demanding, especially if you do a lot of the work yourself. One way to simplify the process is to get lots of little tasks over with in the beginning so you don't have to struggle with them repeatedly as you work. For instance, it is often wise to stock up on certain commonly used kitchen remodeling supplies before you really dig into the remodel. Here are some key supplies worth buying early in the remodel.

Silicone Caulk

You will use tons of silicone caulk throughout your kitchen. It's often used along the edges of tile, around sinks, and even around some drop-in appliances. Find a color that you like, and buy a half dozen tubes or so. Many companies give you a better deal on caulk when you buy larger quantities, and this way, you'll have a tube ready to grab whenever the need for it arises.

Waterproofing Membrane

There will be various areas in your kitchen that will need to be waterproofed. For instance, you'll need the area behind your sink and the behind the range to be water-safe. A brush-on, waterproof membrane is the perfect product to use in these areas. Buy yourself a gallon to have on-hand, plus a brush to go with it.


Purchase an assortment of screws in various lengths and widths. You'll be doing everything from screwing down floor boards to attaching cabinet hardware, and this is all easier when you have the right screws for the job.

Wooden Wedges

Also known as shims, wooden wedges come in handy during many stages of a kitchen remodel. You can use then to even out a counter, balance a cabinet, or even level out a doorframe. They are sold in big boxes, which usually contain shims of various sizes so you always have the size you need.


This is another one of those supplies you may not realize you need until you're halfway through the project and tight on time. Buy yourself some sandpaper in varying grits. You won't just use it for wood. You may use it to smooth out the edges of tile, rub a nub off some hardware, and so much more.

If you stock up on the items above prior to your kitchen remodel, you will spend less time driving back and forth from the hardware store as the project continues. Good luck!