Should All Your Kitchen Cabinets Be One Color?

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Should All Your Kitchen Cabinets Be One Color?

29 June 2023
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The colors of your kitchen cabinets will have a huge impact on their appearance. So, should your cabinets be one color or two? The answer depends on your particular kitchen and your goals for it. 

To help you decide what's right for you, here are three color palette scenarios and how they add to the right kitchen.

1. All Cabinets One Color  

A single color on all your cabinets — upper, lower, and island — makes things simple and cost-effective. This is also a timeless look that ages well, is easy to redecorate around, and is likely to appeal to future buyers. 

Smaller kitchens tend to work best with the one-color design. A single light neutral can make the entire kitchen seem larger and more airy. However, a darker cabinet shade makes it more cozy and warm. 

2. Lower Cabinets A Different Shade

If you want some additional variety, you may opt to use a different, darker shade on the base cabinets. This approach gives texture and visual interest to a somewhat bland kitchen. 

Large, open kitchens, in particular, benefit from mixing up the color palette. A single color scheme — especially a very light neutral — makes the cabinets disappear into the background. The result could be a more industrial, sterile feeling made more stark by the size of the space. Highlighting lower cabinets (and often, the island) with a bold or rich shade warms up things. 

On the other hand, it's rarely a good idea to paint the upper cabinets a darker shade. This generally creates a visual imbalance and makes the room feel heavier and more oppressive as well as smaller. 

3. Islands Given a Separate Scheme

Finally, you might use a different color design on only the kitchen island (or islands). By contrasting it with the cabinets surrounding it, you make it stand out. It becomes more of a centerpiece of the kitchen. 

Changing up the island's color scheme also adds visual interest in a large kitchen, bringing additional texture forward away from the background cabinets. In essence, the additional focal point makes the room feel a little smaller and more cozy. 

Where Should You Start?  

Choosing the right paint color palette and plan for your new kitchen can be challenging. With so much visual impact, the wrong move in this area damages the entire outcome. Find the right color scheme for your cabinets by meeting with a kitchen renovation service in your local area today. 

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