More Than Looks: Other Benefits Of A Bathroom Remodel

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More Than Looks: Other Benefits Of A Bathroom Remodel

19 May 2023
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People often remodel their bathroom because it has begun to look outdated and they want to give it a fresh, new look. This is reason enough for a remodel. But if you're not sold on remodeling your bathroom based on looks alone, you should know that there are also other benefits that come with having this work done. Here are a few of them.

You'll be exposed to less mold and grime.

It's very common to have mold in bathrooms. As the building materials age and start to break down, they often hold onto moisture. And where there is moisture, there will soon be mold. Common places to find mold in other bathrooms include along the caulk line in the tub, behind the skin, under the skin, and in the walls near the shower. When you remodel, all of this moldy material will be removed and replaced with fresh, clean materials. It is better for your health not to be breathing in all of that mold all the time — especially if you have allergies.

You'll use less water.

Today's shower heads and faucets use so much less water than those made even a decade or two ago. Newer toilets are more water-efficient, too. So, remodeling your bathroom could allow you to conserve water, which is good for your wallet and for the earth.

You'll use less energy.

Newer lights are more energy efficient. If you install a new on-demand water heater, that will probably be more energy-efficient than the old one, too. Re-insulate the walls and your bathroom will lose less heat in the winter, too. As such, remodeling your bathroom can lead to lower energy bills. You may even be eligible for rebates or tax credits on some efficient appliances and materials.

You'll have a safer space.

When you remodel a bathroom, you can take this opportunity to get rid of anything that was unsafe. Was the tub floor slippery? Get a new tub. Maybe the faucet used to scald you. Then, you can replace it with a temperature-regulated model. You can even add extra safety features, like a grab bar by the toilet, if desired.

Looks are one reason to remodel a bathroom, but there are many others. When you remodel, you have a chance to make your bathroom more water-efficient and energy-efficient, safer, and mold-free. Talk to your remodeling contractor to learn more about these benefits and how to achieve them.

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