What Should Be The Focal Point Of Your New Bathroom?

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What Should Be The Focal Point Of Your New Bathroom?

12 April 2023
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Good interior design generally calls for a focal point in every room. Some focal points are easy and obvious. The bed in a bedroom or the dining table in the dining room are large and purposeful, so they make great focal points. But what about the bathroom? What should — and shouldn't — be the focal point? Here are a few do's and don'ts for any remodeling homeowner. 

Do Make It Artistic

When it comes to a practical room like the bathroom, one of the best and most surprising focal points is an artistic addition. This could be an eclectic pendant lamp, artwork hung on the wall, or a bold wall or tile design, for instance. By emphasizing an artistic element, you downplay the functional nature of most fixtures. 

Don't Make the Toilet the Star

Whatever you choose as a focal point, don't make it the toilet. Yes, the toilet is one of the most important elements of a bathroom — but no one really wants to be constantly reminded of that. The toilet should not be what everyone sees when entering. Move it to the side, tuck it behind a door, or otherwise minimize attention to it. 

Do Emphasize a Spa Element

Are you installing a relaxing, modern spa element like a rain shower or freestanding tub? This is an excellent and obvious choice for a focal point. Give it a prominent location. Mark it with open space around it. And accessorize it to draw further attention and make it even more appealing. 

Don't Always Use a Tub

Modern homeowners often love the look and feel of an old-fashioned, freestanding soaking tub. Bur analyze your actual habits, interests, and usage. While a clawfoot tub would be a beautiful focal point that sets the tone for the entire room, it's a lot of wasted space if you're not one to actually use it. Don't let form overpower function. 

Do Consider Changeable Elements

A large shower system is a good focal point, but you can't change it any time soon. If you want something simpler and easier to change later, add mobile elements for your focal point instead. Paint a fun color or words on an accent wall you can always repaint. Install vintage fixtures, which are easily replaced. Or, use neutrals on the permanent features with a changeable color palette on accessories. 

Where to Start

What should be the focal point of your new bathroom design? Find out by meeting with a professional bathroom remodeling service in your local area. With their help, you'll find just the right touch to bring the space together.