Quartz Countertops Are Manufactured To Be Attractive And Durable

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Quartz Countertops Are Manufactured To Be Attractive And Durable

22 February 2023
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If you're looking at countertop materials, give quartz a close look. Quartz countertops could be the perfect choice for your kitchen. They're beautiful, durable, and even eco-friendly. No quartz has to be mined to make these countertops. They're not solid slabs of quartz. Instead, they are made from byproducts of manufacturing and mining other types of stone.

Quartz countertops usually have ground-up quartz, granite, marble, and other waste that's bound together with resin. The resin makes the countertops take on a slab appearance and also makes the countertops non-porous. Here are more things to know.

Quartz Countertops Come In A Few Colors

The countertops are often white, but they can also be black, beige, and gray. Color pigments can be added to make veins that mimic the look of marble. The size of the ground stone affects the appearance of the countertops too. Quartz countertops can have a smooth look, but they can also have a chunky look if the quartz and granite are left in larger pieces.

Quartz Is Strong And Durable

One reason quartz countertops are popular is that it resists scratching and other damage. However, if a scratch happens, it can be buffed out. The weakness of quartz is that it doesn't tolerate heat well, so you'll need to use trivets or hot pads under your pots and pans. Quartz is a high-quality countertop material, so it's somewhat expensive, but the cost is worth it since the countertops are so beautiful, durable, and non-porous.

Quartz Countertops Add Value To Your Home

If you think you might sell your home in a few years, quartz countertops might be a better option than granite. Granite countertops have been popular for a long time, but now they are starting to look outdated. In a few years when you're ready to sell your home, granite countertops might be undesirable to buyers.

Quartz, on the other hand, is gaining in popularity and could make your kitchen more desirable and your home more valuable when you put your house up for sale. Quartz is popular for its beauty and also for its low maintenance requirements. Quartz doesn't need to be sealed, and it could potentially last the life of your home.

Quartz could be a good choice when you select your new countertops, but since you're the one who will live with the countertops, you'll want to choose a material you find attractive. A nice benefit of quartz is that it can take on the look of granite and marble while being less porous and stronger than either of those options.

Quartz is made into slabs, so it is installed the same way as other stone countertops. The countertops are also quite heavy. The stone used may be ground up, but it's still heavy and has to rest on base cabinets that can support the weight of the countertops.

For more information about quartz countertops, contact a local supplier.