Breaking Down Three Types Of Countertop Materials

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Breaking Down Three Types Of Countertop Materials

11 August 2022
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Are you currently narrowing down a countertop material to use in your home? With there being so many different materials out there, you'll likely want to know the pros and cons of these popular materials. 


Marble countertops can be found in many homes. People tend to select this material because it looks beautiful. It is going to add elegance to your home that cannot be replicated with other materials. This is because each slab of marble is unique, and you'll never find the exact same pattern in someone else's kitchen. The wide availability of marble also makes it an affordable option throughout the world. Marble is also durable enough to last a lifetime if you maintain it with regular upkeep over the years. 

This natural stone material requires that the surface is sealed to prevent dark liquids from staining the surface. Marble can also be etched if you are not careful about where you are using your knives. Thankfully, this can be avoided by taking precautions.


Corian is a solid surface countertop material, and it comes in a variety of different colors. Since Corian is manufactured, you can essentially pick Corian out of a catalog. While Corian countertops won't be unique, they will be easy to shop for due to the lack of big variances between materials. Corian is also simple to clean, especially spills from cooking. This is because the material is simple to clean, and doesn't require any sealant due to it being non-porous. 

Be aware that Corian is not as durable as other natural stone materials. You can damage Corian by placing a hot object on it, such as a pan that has been taken directly off the stove. You also need to be careful to not cut directly on a Corian countertop, because it can be scratched. 


One of the most affordable types of countertops is made out of laminate material. It is made by placing a laminated surface on an MDF or plywood surface. There is no maintenance that needs to be done to the surface, and it is going to resist stains from liquids that fall on the surface.

However, laminate countertops are difficult to repair. If you scratch or damage the surface, you can't simply buff or sand the surface to fix it. Laminate is incredibly vulnerable to damage from heat, with it easily being burned by a hot pan. You may also discover that laminate doesn't have a high resale value when it comes time to sell your home.