6 Custom Wood Flooring Ideas To Inspire You

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6 Custom Wood Flooring Ideas To Inspire You

3 March 2022
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Custom wood flooring gives many types of a room an instant upgrade. Whether you're doing the first installation or performing renovations, you will want to create an inspired look for your wood flooring. If you're seeking fresh ideas, take inspiration from one of these 6 ideas.

Gray and Cool Tones

Brightly colored tones have been the dominant choice when it comes to wood flooring for centuries. However, gray and whitewashed looks are gaining in popularity. Likewise, you can use cooler tones of the more traditional tan and brown combinations of flooring materials and treatments. Especially if you want to integrate wood into the floors of a modernist or contemporary design, this approach allows you to have the best of both natural and sleek styles.

Distressed and Brushed Textured

A distressed wood will have lots of interesting patterns, making it inherently eye-catching. Distressing, scraping, and brushing woods can make the flooring distinctive. You will have to treat the wood thoroughly, though, to provide a smooth and walkable surface.


Herringbone and zigzag patterns are increasingly popular ways to add interest to floors. Even installing the planks diagonally rather than straight can produce a lot of visual appeal. You might want to stagger longer and shorter pieces to make a room look more rustic, too. By avoiding the tried-and-true approach of laying boards down straight and in square patterns, you can create a visual surprise.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Age and wear can make any piece of wood look amazing. You also can take a more eco-friendly approach by reclaiming wood from existing structures for use on your flooring project. Bear in mind, though, a custom wood flooring contractor will have to sort through pieces and take measurements to make sure the plan will come together as imagined. However, the investment will pay off when people see the aged appeal of the new floors.

Smoky Finishes

The polished look can leave your floors looking like they belong on a high school basketball court. Instead, using a smoky finish can tone things down and create an elegant look. The matte style also reduces reflections, making it ideal for rooms that receive lots of light.

On-Site Sanding and Finishing

A factory-finished plank is individually sanded and finished. This means the overall result will often have noticeable imperfections. By having contractors sand and finish the floors on-site, you can produce a more uniform look for the whole surface.

There are many things you can do to give your home a unique look. For more information, contact a custom wood flooring service near you.