Hire Remodelers To Add More Workspace To Your Kitchen

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Hire Remodelers To Add More Workspace To Your Kitchen

16 December 2021
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Cooking is not something that everyone enjoys doing. However, you may love the craft of cooking and do it daily. The concern with your kitchen may be limited workspace, which can get in the way of making food as a family and cooking large meals. Hire remodelers to begin working on a few projects that will boost your kitchen's entire workspace.

Walk-In Pantry

Some people envision walk-in pantries as food closets for storing ingredients and small appliances. However, along with all the extra storage, you can add countertops along the walls to set up small appliances, gather ingredients, and even do some food prep. One option is to make a coffee bar with an extra sink to get water and clean all your mugs and tools.

Floor-to-ceiling storage in the pantry will give you a ton of storage space, which will make the workspace even more useful because of how much you can store and use.

Corner Nook

An empty corner is a perfect place to put a corner nook. The corner nook may become your go-to spot for eating breakfast and drinking coffee in the morning. However, you will also gain valuable workspace because you can sit down and work at the table. You can maximize kitchen workspace by planning for the corner nook to have an oversized table.

An oversized table is helpful because several family members can sit at the nook and work simultaneously without feeling overcrowded.


While you may get some workspace from your existing countertop, you can replace it or expand it to get more room for cooking. The easiest and most effective option is to expand the countertop and fill in the empty areas of your kitchen. At the same time, you can add cabinets and drawers to boost storage space, which will give your family more flexibility with cooking.

Replacing the countertop can provide a small boost in workspace by adding a larger overhang. However, you can only go so far with an overhang because you must keep it structurally sound.


Empty space in the middle of the kitchen makes an island the perfect addition. With an island, you can use the same countertop as the rest of your kitchen to maintain a cohesive look. You can also customize the island's size to use up space and leave enough room to move around.

Contact a company that offers residential kitchen remodel services to learn more.