Keeping Track Of Home Roof Problems

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Keeping Track Of Home Roof Problems

6 July 2021
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The best time to make repairs to a roof is when you notice the first minor problem, as it can prevent things from progressively becoming worse. However, sometimes minor problems are not easily noticeable and can be looked over until something worse happens to the roof. A good example of a minor problem being overlooked is for a shingle to be missing that can't be seen from the ground level of your house. The most important task to perform on your roof as a homeowner is to inspect it every now and then, or you can leave the task to a roofer for your safety. There are multiple signs that point to a roof needing work, and some of them can actually be seen on the inside of a house.

Search for Fragments of Granules

Depending on the type of materials that are on your roof, granules can give you a sign that a repair is needed. For example, if there are asphalt shingles on the roof, they are covered in granules for both style and protection. Basically, granules are important because they are able to protect your roof from the damage that could be caused by being exposed to the sun a lot. If you notice that a portion of the granules have fallen off the shingles, it is a sign that a repair is needed. You might see granules inside the rain gutters on your house, or in some cases, they can even be found on the ground.

Mold Growth in the Attic

If your house has an attic, it is a place that you can inspect to look for signs that your roof has damage. One common sign that a bad roof is affecting the attic is when a homeowner begins to see mold growing inside of it. The mold is a sign that there is a hole in the roof that is allowing rainwater inside the attic, or at least creating a humid environment if it is too small for water to actually get through. When mold first begins to spread in the attic, you might not be able to easily spot it. However, there will be the odor of mold, and you can follow the direction of the odor to find the mold.

A Decrease in Energy Efficiency

If you are wondering why the energy efficiency of your HVAC system has decreased in your house, a possible reason could be damage to the roof. For example, air can be coming in and out due to the roof having holes. Getting your roof inspected is worthy even if you believe that your HVAC system is simply not working properly. To learn more, contact a roofing service