The Bathroom Remodeling Guide To Give Your Bath Modern Practical Design Features

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The Bathroom Remodeling Guide To Give Your Bath Modern Practical Design Features

9 March 2021
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If you are planning on updating your bathroom, there are a lot of options to consider for the new design. You may want to have a more modern and open design and more lighting and practical features like walk-in showers. The following bathroom remodeling guide will help you add the right design elements to your project:

Showers for an Open and Safer Bathroom Design

The shower in your new bathroom is an important aspect of the design. There are various solutions for walk-in showers when you remodel your bathroom, including:

  • Frameless glass doors and enclosure
  • Niches for storing shower products
  • Custom-designed shower seats and bars

These are some of the various options to consider for the design of your new bathroom.

Minimalist Vanity and Cabinetry Designs to Save Space

The vanity and cabinets in the new bathroom design are other features that you want to consider. Today, there are several options for cabinet features that can save space in your new bathroom design, including:

  • Narrow or pedestal vanity sinks
  • Recessed shelving in walls of the bathroom
  • Hidden recessed cabinets for storing towels and linens

These are some of the different features that can help you save space with your bathroom design cabinets.

Lighting and Natural Light to Add to the New Bathroom Design

The lighting in your bathroom design is also important, and there are a lot of options to consider. Some of the solutions to consider to add lighting and natural light to your bathroom design include:

  • Ceilings with skylight features
  • Glass features for an open design that reflects light
  • Larger windows that allow natural light in
  • LED fixtures and rope lights for indirect lighting

The combination of efficient modern lighting technology and natural light can greatly improve the design of your bathroom.

Energy-Efficient Features to Add to the New Bathroom Design

There are also a lot of energy-efficient design features that you may want to add to the bathroom. Energy-efficient solutions to consider for the new bathroom design include:

  • Greywater recycling system to flush toilets (throughout your home)
  • Small solar panel installation for lighting in the bathroom and other areas
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to save water and energy

These are some of the options to consider to add energy-efficient design elements to your new bathroom.

The design features in your newly remodeled bathroom can be practical improvements. Contact a local remodeling contractor to learn more about your options for home bathroom renovations.