Tips For Situating A Break Room During A Commercial Renovation

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Tips For Situating A Break Room During A Commercial Renovation

16 October 2020
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There are few commercial renovation projects that your staff will enjoy more than the addition of a break room. If you're keen on adding such a space to your office, a consultation with a local commercial renovation contractor will help you to move forward. There are many things to think about, including the size and layout of this space, as well as how you intend to set it up. For example, some break rooms offer different seating options, while others have additional amenities such as a pool table. When it comes to where you'll situate the break room in your building, here are some topics to consider.

On An Outside Wall

It's ideal if you can situate the break room on an outside wall, rather than in the middle of the floor. There are a few advantages to this idea. For example, being on an outside wall means that the break room can have one or more windows. The presence of windows will help the space to be bright, which can make it appear spacious and inviting. Additionally, its placement on an outside wall means that it can be easy to access from outside through a nearby door. This can be useful for employees who want to go out and grab something for lunch that they can bring back to eat in the break room.

Not Near The Main Entrance

If possible, it's ideal if you can keep your break room away from the main entrance of your office. Think about the impression that you want to give people when they walk through your doors. For example, if a client enters your place of work and is able to look directly into the break room, he or she may notice a few employees sitting around and relaxing at any given time. While you know that there's nothing wrong with occasional downtime on the job, you might not want to give visitors the false impression that your employees are frequently on their breaks.

Near A Supervisor's Office

Even if you encourage your employees to use the break room when they need some downtime, you don't want anyone abusing this privilege. One way to avoid such an issue is to position the room near a supervisor's office. An employee will be far less likely to spend more time than necessary in the break room if he or she is aware that a supervisor is working nearby.

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