5 Simple Ideas For Breathing New Life Into A Bathroom

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5 Simple Ideas For Breathing New Life Into A Bathroom

30 September 2019
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When people picture bathroom remodeling, they often have images in their heads of tiles being torn out, plumbing getting replaced, and an all-in effort to re-imagine the whole space. You're welcome to tackle the job that way if your bathroom truly offends you, but sometimes the simple tricks are the best tricks. Let's explore 5 ideas that won't call for a full demolition by a bathroom remodeling services firm.

Lighting Makes the Mood

Sometimes a bathroom looks terrible because the light does it no justice. From brightly-lit bathrooms that look like they're in sterile hospitals to poorly-lit ones that look like they belong in remote truck stops, there are many ways for lighting to fail.

The positioning of lights is often the biggest problem. An aggressive overhead light, for example, can be toned down by replacing it with a recessed lighting system. If a room isn't lit well enough, you can also add lights. It's also a good idea to consider how to get more natural lighting into a bathroom, such as positioning a mirror where it can bounce light from a window into the far corners of the space.

Swap Out the Fixtures

Plenty of bathrooms are dominated by sinks and toilets that don't give them much life. A highly stylized pedestal sink, for example, can be used to replace an in-cabinet one, opening the space up and getting rid of ugly sharp corners. You also can replace towel rails with something more stylistic, such as an industrial look using distressed piping.

Add a Backsplash

Backsplashes do double duty, giving a room character while also protecting the walls. Subway tiles are a popular choice for folks who want a trendy look. Something earthier can be created using stone. Even simple tile backsplashes can make a plain wall a bit more interesting.

Fresh Caulk and Grout

Time never takes no for an answer, and it shows when time beats up the surfaces in a bathroom. When things have gotten to the point that cleaning isn't sufficient to brighten up a bathroom, the solution may be as simple as redoing the grout and caulk. Fresh and clean lines between tiles can liven things up surprisingly well.


Rather than getting into the expense of replacing full cabinets, you may want to just reface them. Removing doors and replacing them with more modern styles is a quick and relatively cheap way to remodel.