Get The Most From Your Custom Kitchen Glass-Front Cabinets

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Get The Most From Your Custom Kitchen Glass-Front Cabinets

22 May 2019
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The ideal kitchen design is one that is open and airy, even when it comes down to the cabinets. Custom made glass cabinets offer a clean look that can make your kitchen look modern, open, and more stylish. Learn how you can get the most from this unique cabinet option. 


People often think about the placement of glass front cabinets, in terms of an upper cabinet option. However, these cabinets are just as great for your lower cabinets, especially an island. Lower glass front cabinets are great for displaying beautiful china, cookbooks, or even artwork. 

If you have small children, don't worry. These cabinets can also be designed with an end-cap. An end-cap is a design tool that makes the top, or counter portion, of the island wider than the cabinets below. As a result, the end cap creates an in-set for the glass cabinet to minimize the risk of people bumping into the glass can causing damage. 


Ensure the design of the cabinets is functional. To go about this goal, design your cabinets so that they have custom shelving based on your specific needs. For example, if you want to display saucers in the glass cabinet, make sure the shelving is spaced wide enough to accommodate the size of a saucer on each shelf. 

Remember, when you choose custom cabinets, you can also configure the shelving design of the option, so tailor it so that it's most functional for you. Even if you want to design a cabinet to store your wine bottles in, with custom glass cabinets, you design the cabinets in any way you want. 


While it's always the goal, keeping your kitchen cabinets neat isn't always possible. For this reason, some people will shy away from glass front cabinets because they're afraid the clutter in the cabinet will make their entire kitchen look unorganized. However, you can even choose this cabinet style with frosted glass. 

Frosted glass offers the same unique look as clear glass, but it can serve as a great masking tool for the occasional clutter. If you really want to be creative, you can also have colored insets put into the cabinets to help distort the view inside the cabinet. 

To get the most from your new glass-front cabinets, pair with a custom installer. From the size of your cabinets to shelving spacing to placement, a custom installer can help you with all your kitchen cabinet needs.