6 Signs You Need A New Front Door

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6 Signs You Need A New Front Door

19 February 2019
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Think about all the time various people spend standing in front of your front door. The mail delivery person stands there each morning as they put your mail in your box. Your friends stand there as they wait for you to come to the door. Professionals, like the cable person and gas company representative, also stand at your front door, waiting for you. There's no doubt about it -- your front door gets a lot of attention. As such, you don't want to delay replacing a front door that has reached the end of its life. Here are six signs you're in need of a new front door.

1. It's starting to mold and rot.

If you have a wooden front door, pay close attention to the condition of the wood, especially along the edges of the door. If the wood is starting to chip away, are there sections where it appears black, rotten, or moldy? Not only does this look ugly, but it is actually an invitation to termites and carpenter ants, who love to eat deteriorating wood. Simply painting over the wood won't do very much, as the wood will keep rotting beneath the paint. Replacing the door is really the safest option.

2. It no longer closes well.

If your front door has become difficult to close, you might just need to adjust the hinges or latch mechanism. If this does not work, then it's possible the door has become warped or bowed, which is interfering with its ability to close. A front door that does not lock or latch is not a safe front door, so don't delay replacing it.

3. It leaks cold air.

Spend some time standing in front of the door (inside your home) on a colder, windy day. Do you feel cold air coming in from around the door? Drafts like this tend to appear as doors grow older and the seals around any windows the door contains start to fail. There are plenty of temporary fixes. You could put caulk into the crevices between the glass and the door material, or you could put plastic over the window portion of the door. However, replacing the door is a much more effective, long-lasting approach.

4. It rattles in the wind.

When the wind blows, does your front door move about and rattle in its frame? If the door is already on the older sign, this could be a sign it's time for a new one. Doors often rattle when they've become bent or warped. They could also rattle because the door frame has become distorted -- a problem your door contractor can fix when they install your new door.

5. It's made from aluminum.

Aluminum doors were all the rage for a while. Homeowners liked them because they were lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. However, aluminum front doors don't tend to be attractive. They are prone to dents if you bang into them with anything, and they make a lot of noise if sticks or other debris blow against them. If you can afford to do so, replacing your aluminum door with a wood, vinyl, or fiberglass door will give off a much better impression.

6. It's allowing moisture inside.

After a rainstorm or snowstorm, do you notice moisture inside your home, either along the base of the door or in the vertical crevices to its side? Doors are meant to keep moisture out, and if yours is not doing this, then it's time to replace it. Even a tiny amount of moisture seeping in can soon lead to rot and material damage. 

If your front door is experiencing any of the issues above, it's time for a new one. Today's doors are more durable, energy-efficient, and attractive than you might imagine, so start browsing your options soon. 

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