3 Winning Kitchen Renovation Suggestions

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3 Winning Kitchen Renovation Suggestions

11 November 2018
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Kitchen remodels are excellent if you want to improve your property, because many homeowners get upwards of an 83 percent return on their investment when they handle it properly. There are so many ways that you can improve the value of your kitchen. You just need to make renovations where it counts most. To plan and execute a meaningful remodel of your kitchen, use these following suggestions to make sure you get impeccable ROI out of it. 

Invest in a great custom home kitchen cabinet installation

If you really want to love your home and the way that your new kitchen looks, start out with a new set of custom cabinets. Nothing says kitchen remodel like beautifully crafted cabinets made of plywood, maple, composite, or other materials. What you're going for with your cabinets is up to you, but make sure that they add space and plenty of appeal to your kitchen. You have a much better chance of getting this when you take time to speak to some kitchen cabinet professionals. Home cabinet installation can cost you anywhere between about $3,000 and $30,000, and you can recoup these costs due to the value that such a home improvement adds.

Upgrade your surfaces and your floors

Make sure that you outfit your kitchen with surfaces and flooring that you can be proud of. Look no further than some beautiful countertops that you'll be proud to prepare food on. Marble is a timeless material that will bring lots of value to your kitchen. Investing in marble countertops can cost you between approximately $40 per square foot and $100 per square foot. You can also spruce up any kitchen renovation with some nice floors, such as hardwood or tile. Talking to kitchen renovation professionals about these flooring and surface options will help you come up with a winning combo.

Make tweaks to your most common fixtures and appliances

If you are thinking about ways to really recoup your home kitchen renovation costs, make improvements to your most common fixtures, such as the kitchen sink and oven. You can buy a green-friendly kitchen sink made by one of the best brands and with sustainable materials. This will let you make better use of your water, adding greater value to your home. Look into buying an oven that also consumes less energy, and make sure that it has up to date modes and features.

Get all you can out of your kitchen renovation with these tips.