3 Great Remodeling Ideas For A Stand-Out Bathroom

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3 Great Remodeling Ideas For A Stand-Out Bathroom

1 May 2018
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One of the most used areas of your home is the bathroom. Going into it daily may not be a pleasant experience if it's dated, though. Give it back some life and make the bathroom your sanctuary for years to come by utilizing these remodeling ideas. 

Walk-In Showers

There's nothing more relaxing and revitalizing than taking a shower, cold or hot. You can elevate these experiences even more by turning a dated shower/bath into a walk-in shower. These showers offer many benefits.

They are extremely spacious and truly let you spread out like never before. They're also extremely easy to keep clean. There aren't many crevices you have to account for, which is not the case when cleaning a traditional bathtub. Additionally, getting in and out of walk-in showers is extremely easy. This may be needed if there are family members in your home who're confined to a wheelchair. 

Granite Countertops 

The countertops play an important role in the bathroom both in terms of function and aesthetics. There are many great material choices to select from, but one of the best options is granite. It's extremely durable and comes in so many different color/pattern varieties.

Since granite countertops have a non-porous surface, they are extremely sanitary. This makes them easy to keep clean and keep bacteria from accumulating in the bathroom. The only thing you have to worry about in terms of maintenance is sealing the surface every year. Other than that, granite is a great long-term option that can create that 'wow-factor' you've been hoping to achieve.

Concrete Floors 

Since the bathroom receives a lot of foot traffic, it's important to think about what types of floors you want. In terms of durability and ease of maintenance, it's hard to match concrete flooring. Like granite, concrete comes in various colors. You can choose a color that matches the scheme of surrounding bathroom fixtures, or select contrasting colors that stand out the moment guests enter this area. 

Perhaps the best feature of concrete is it's extremely durable. You won't have to worry about replacing it any time soon, especially if you keep up with maintenance. Just make sure you apply a protective finish so that your floors don't stain. 

So many important activities are completed every day in the bathroom. Every day in this area will be memorable and something to cherish if you incorporate the right elements and features. Get in touch with a company like Ground to Gable to learn more.