Quick Tips For Taking Care Of The Three Main Types Of Siding

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Quick Tips For Taking Care Of The Three Main Types Of Siding

24 January 2018
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As a homeowner, you have lots of things that you are responsible for taking care of, including the siding on your home. Here are a few quick tips for taking care of fiber cement siding, wood siding, and vinyl siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is really strong and resistant to wear from many different types of weather. The key to taking care of fiber cement siding is to make sure that your fiber cement siding has a nice, sealed coat of paint on it at all times.

When you choose paint for your fiber cement siding, make sure that you choose high-quality outdoor paint that is resistant to mold and mildew. Apply the paint when it is warm outside for the best coverage and application

Wood Siding

With wood siding, you need to keep a really close eye on it. You don't want your siding to start to develop rot, which means that you need to make sure that the siding is well sealed. This is a bigger concern if you live somewhere that gets lots of ice or snow.

Keep snow away from your house in the winter. After you shovel your driveway, shovel the snow away from your home as well, giving your home a couple of feet of clearance. This will help protect your wood siding.

Make sure that you keep your wood siding well sealed. You can do this by keeping a nice coat of paint on it at all time or applying a nice coat of sealant if you are going for a more natural wood look.

Vinyl Siding

Unlike with fiber cement siding and wood siding, avoid painting your vinyl siding before you do your homework. Many vinyl siding manufacturers will void your warranty if you paint the siding.

With vinyl siding, you really just need to focus on cleaning your siding. You can clean your siding by washing it off with some environmentally friendly soap and by using your pressure washer on a low pressure setting. Be sure to clean up any mildew that you see develop on your siding right away.

Finally, if you ever notice that any of your siding is getting loose or comes off your home, have a company that offers siding and roofing services replace and fix it right away. This will help keep water away from your home and will help keep your home well insulated. If any cracks or gaps develop in your siding, fill those in right away as well to protect the overall energy efficiency of your home.