3 Remodeling Projects To Complete Before Listing Your Home

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3 Remodeling Projects To Complete Before Listing Your Home

3 July 2017
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If you want to move to a different home but have to sell your house first, you may need to complete some home remodeling projects before you sell. By doing this, you might attract more buyers to your home and get a much higher price for it. If you are not sure what projects to do, you may want to start by talking to a real estate agent. After that, you will need to hire a remodeling contractor to complete the projects. Here are the top three remodeling projects you might want to do to make your home more marketable.

Create an Open Concept

Buyers are typically more attracted to homes that have open concepts. Unfortunately, though, homes built years ago did not usually have this feature. Most older homes were built with more of a closed concept, which means each room was separate and served a specific role in the house.

If you want to create a more open concept in your home, a remodeling contractor will have to knock down a wall or two and then finish the area so it looks nice. When a contractor does this, he will begin by determining which walls in the home are considered load-bearing walls. The contractor will not be able to remove load-bearing walls, because these walls hold up the roof of the house. The contractor can remove walls that are not load-bearing though.

After this is complete, there will be other steps needed to finish the project. This can include work related to drywall, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. The flooring in the areas will also have to be replaced so it looks even. This type of project can be expensive, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen in a home is a room that serves a vital role, and it tends to be the room where people congregate most often. People buying homes will often spend the most time looking at kitchens. Buyers look for homes that have modern kitchens, and buyers today love granite countertops.

If your kitchen is completely outdated, you may want to rip out the cabinets and countertops and replace them. You may also need to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and you may even want to replace your appliances.

These changes can also be costly, yet they will help sell your home. If your home is beautiful but has an outdated kitchen, buyers might pass it up, simply because the kitchen is such an important room in a home.

Modernize the Bathrooms

The other type of project you may need to complete involves modernizing your bathrooms. The bathrooms in your home are probably the second-most important room buyers look for. Buyers do not want to complete bathroom remodeling projects when they purchase homes. Instead, they look for homes that have bathrooms that are nice and modern.

To update your bathrooms, you may simply need to make a few minor changes, such as replacing old faucets, shower curtains, and toilets, or you might need to completely overhaul the bathrooms. If your tubs are old or discolored, consider replacing them. Your house is more likely to sell if you replace old tubs with new ones.

You could also make minor changes to make these rooms look nicer, such as adding new bath mats or towels. Any changes you make will help your home look more attractive to those that come to see it.

Home buyers today look for homes that have updated kitchens and bathrooms, and most prefer homes with open concepts. To learn more about these projects, contact a remodeling contractor in your city today.