Three Great Products For Bathroom Flooring

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Three Great Products For Bathroom Flooring

14 June 2017
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There are many types of flooring that are suitable for a bathroom remodel. When it comes to bathroom flooring, you need to consider how the material will stand up to all of the moisture. This article compares three of the most popular bathroom flooring products. Tile, linoleum and hardwood can all look great in a bathroom, but each product has certain advantages and drawbacks to consider.

Linoleum: Cheap and Practical

Linoleum is definitely the most affordable of the three options. Unfortunately, it also looks the cheapest in most customer's minds. That being said, it is extremely durable and easy to take care of. Since linoleum is waterproof, you don't need to worry about water damage or mold. It is also worth mentioning that linoleum prints are more advanced and look better than they used to. Fake tile prints are definitely the most popular. For the homeowner on a budget, linoleum can be a great bathroom addition.

Tile: Strong and Stylish

Tile is definitely more expensive than linoleum, but it adds a much classier touch to the room. Tile is also extremely durable, but it does require regular maintenance. A waterproof ceramic tile will be able to withstand all of the moisture, but you will need to take protective measures when it comes to the grout lines. The grout is definitely the most vulnerable part of any tile floor, especially in a wet bathroom. Tile also looks great in bathrooms when it is matched with other tile features, like showers or countertops. This level of coordination add some cohesion and style to your bathroom.

Hardwood: Hearty and Durable

When it comes to installing hardwood in your bathroom, you need to choose the right type. Raw hardwood is definitely not the most practical for all of the moisture in a bathroom. However, composite hardwoods have waterproof finishes that can withstand moisture. The top layer is basically waterproof and will remain that way. Hardwood definitely looks great if you want a more natural or rustic feel in your bathroom. Many people also extend the hardwood from their hallways or bedrooms into their bathrooms for a seamless look.

Depending on your personal budget and the style of your home, any of these three products can be bathroom flooring. They all have certain perks that you should consider. But, upgrading your bathroom floors will add value and style to any bathroom, regardless of what product you choose.

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