Clean, Sand, And Repaint A Vanity's Wooden Cabinet And Add A Floral Design To Its Doors

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Clean, Sand, And Repaint A Vanity's Wooden Cabinet And Add A Floral Design To Its Doors

13 June 2017
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If you are currently decorating your child's bathroom with a floral motif, the following steps will assist with cleaning, sanding, and repainting the bathroom vanity's wooden cabinet and adding a floral design to the front of its doors. 


  • drop cloths
  • wood cleaner
  • sponge
  • handheld scrub brush
  • electric sander
  • fine and rough grit sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • painter's tape
  • interior primer
  • interior paint
  • mixing stick
  • tray
  • paint roller
  • roller frame
  • narrow paintbrush
  • floral stencils
  • double-sided tape
  • measuring tape
  • spray paint

Clean And Sand The Cabinet And Doors

Lay drop cloths across the flooring that surrounds the wooden cabinet. Pour a small amount of a wood cleaning agent onto a sponge before wiping the cabinet's surface. If the cabinet has hardened residue on portions of its exterior, move a handheld scrub brush back and forth over foreign substances to remove them.

Attach a piece of low grit sandpaper to an electric sander before moving the power tool back and forth over sections of the wood that are rough. Briefly sand the same spots with a piece of high grit sandpaper. Use a tack cloth to remove dust from the wooden exterior. 

Add A Coat Of Primer And Paint

Use pieces of painter's tape to cover the hinges, knobs, or handles that are secured to the cabinet or its doors. After mixing the contents of a can of interior primer, pour the primer into a shallow tray. Use a paint roller to apply an even coat of primer to the wood. If the paint roller is too wide to cover small details with primer, use a narrow paintbrush instead. Wait for the primer to dry. After stirring the contents of a can of interior paint, fill a clean tray with paint. Use a clean paint roller to apply an even coat of paint over the primer. Wait for the paint to dry thoroughly.

Attach And Fill Floral Stencils 

Decide where you would like to add a floral design on the front of each cabinet door. Use a ruler to assist with straightening each stencil before using strips of double-sided tape to attach the stencils to the front of each door. Apply an even coat of spray paint to the middle of each stencil. Use a color of paint that complements the color of paint that was used to cover the cabinet and doors. After the spray paint has dried, remove the stencils from each door.  

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