Remodeling Ideas For A Rustic Country Bathroom

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Remodeling Ideas For A Rustic Country Bathroom

7 June 2017
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If you are looking to give your bathroom a new look and you love rustic country decor, consider these ideas for your bathroom remodeling project. With the right touches, you can create a beautiful new look in your bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Vanities

Reclaimed wood gives your space a stunning, rustic look. Look for a vanity crafted from reclaimed wood to give your bathroom a focal point. Look for a design with antiqued hardware to complete the look, and if possible, have your contractor add a custom sink to the vanity. A farmhouse-style or vintage cast iron sink can give the room a bit more country charm. Be sure to choose a vanity that has plenty of shelving for storage, as you want it to be as functional as it is stylish.

Wood Tile Flooring

You don't have to have traditional porcelain tile in your bathroom. There are many types of wood tile flooring you can use to give your bathroom more of the country feel you want. The flooring is available in a variety of finishes, from natural pine to weathered gray. Coordinate the flooring with your other decor pieces to create a tied-together appearance.

Clawfoot Bathtub

A clawfoot bathtub makes a great addition to your country bathroom. You can find new tubs that have this vintage design, along with modern plumbing fixtures for added comfort while bathing. Opt for traditional white, or go for a rich copper finish to bring a rich finishing touch to your bathroom. Work with your contractor to install the tub and a shower curtain rod to complete this corner of the bathroom, and consider installing a few shelves on the wall nearby to hold soaps and towels.

Whitewashed Paneling

Whitewashed wood paneling can provide a unique look in your bathroom, and it also provides an alternative to traditional tile. You can purchase this type of paneling in your desired finish, or you can have standard paneling installed for your contractor to paint. If you don't want to go with white, consider having the paneling painted a distressed light green, gray or blue for a beautiful appearance. Wainscoting with a distressed finish is an excellent option if you don't want to replace all of the tile on your bathroom walls.

Talk to a contractor, like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath, about your vision for the bathroom, and have them help you source some of these items for your remodeling project. With these ideas and a few of your own, you can create your dream bathroom.