How To Check And Repair Leaky Windows

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How To Check And Repair Leaky Windows

6 June 2017
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Windows are a very important part of your home insulation. No matter how well insulated your walls are, you could lose a lot of air through leaky window fixtures. Of course, over the years you might need to replace your windows. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce leakage and heat loss, while also increasing the lifespan of your fixtures. Here is a helpful checklist for ensuring that your windows are as energy efficient as possible:

Problems With Movable Windows

Movable windows are the most vulnerable, especially the ones that you use the most. If you're constantly opening and closing a window, there are quite a few things that can happen. First, you should check that your windows can close all the way. This might seem obvious, but a window might still be opened a little, even if the locking mechanism is in place. This is especially common with wooden windows because they can expand and contract with the changes in temperature. So, even when the window is completely closed and locked, there could be a tiny gap where the air is escaping in and out of your home.

Two Ways to Fix Movable Windows

There are two ways to fix this problem: First, you might be able to fix it by just cleaning the tracks of your window. If there is dirt and dust settled into the tracks, it might be impossible to close them all the way. Another effective solution is to, after you clean out the tracks, to add some weatherstripping. This can fill in the gap and stop airflow, making your windows much more efficient.

Finally, you should check the caulk around your glass. The window pane can become separated from the frame, this is not only a problem because it lets air into your home, but also makes glass more vulnerable and likely to break. If you caulk both the inside and outside of your window, you can secure the glass and make your home a little more energy efficient.

If none of these jobs are sufficient for fixing your leaky window problems, you might need to consider investing in new windows or window inserts installed by Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. These projects are substantially more expensive and require intense planning. If you do your part to keep up your windows, not only will they not leak, you can also stave off these expensive repairs for a little longer.